Arbejde Composite Materials Engineer (213276) Nordjylland Siemens A/S - jobtilbud

stillingsbetegnelse: Composite Materials Engineer (213276)

For our Materials Team in the Blades Structural Design Department we are looking for a dedicated and highly motivated composite engineer. The Materials Team (MAT) has approximately 10 highly skilled technical experts in the technical fields: composite materials, surface technology, materials development and process development. MAT is a part of the Blades Structural Design Department (B SD) with app. 45 technical experts in the technical fields: composite materials, structural blade design, FE modelling, full scale blade test, lightning protection and non destructive testing (NDT). The department has a unique core competence in structural design of wind turbine blades. B SD is a part of the Blade Module Department which has app. 100 employees and is responsible for design, validation, certification and implementation in production of new wind turbine blades. B SD also holds responsibility for developing and maturing of new technologies that apply to future blade designs. The Blade Department is a part of the Technology division employing app 900 engineers and responsible for development of new wind turbines and new technology. Overall team responsibilities: · Material specifications including establishment of CTQ’s for new materials to be used as basis for incoming inspection and supplier documentation requirements · Establishment of all material values needed for design calculations and blade certification · Continuous improvements of existing material specifications with respect to CTQ, etc. · Develop and maintain procedures for characterization and qualification of materials including specifications for manufacturing of test coupons, definition of test methods etc. · Development of continuous fiber reinforced plastic composite material and surface protection systems for these, including support for optimizing existing system wrt. both process, and customer requirements · Support other organizational units in material related issues like second sourcing material qualifications, material related non-conformity-reports (NCR) etc. · Collaboration with internal and external test facilities, for development of test methods, and managing actual execution according to project plans · Establishing collaboration with strategic suppliers, and maintaining this for ongoing development · Keep track of possible new material developments for future wind turbine blade optimization What are my responsibilities? · Definition of composite material characterization procedures and test methods · Contributes to or leads technology development · Collaborate with supplier’s technical staff · Collaborate with internal and external test laboratories · Collaborate with other internal departments, e.g. Process Engineering and Quality Management & EHS · Development of new materials and corresponding process · Ensuring needed collaboration with internal and external test laboratories · Project proposal input and review What do I need to qualify for this job? · You have an educational background as a MSc. within composite material mechanics, machinery or construction · You are an experienced engineer with a technical background in composite mechanics and material development and a solid theoretical basis · You have working experience in a technical engineering organization preferably aerospace, automotive or wind energy · You possess strong knowledge of composite materials, test methods and failure analysis of composites. · You have an outgoing personality, determination, persistency, and strong communication and collaboration skills · You have the ability to work independently and the desire to drive own assignments · You are responsible, dynamic and willing to adapt · You possess excellent English skills in writing and speech In case you have acquired your skills in alterna

Arbejdsgiver Navn: Siemens A/S

Arbejdsgiver telefonnummer: 99 42 22 22

Job kort beskrivelse: Ingeniørarbejde i industri og produktion

land: Danmark

region: Nordjylland

Kontrakt varighed: Fast

Kontrakttype: Fuldtid

krævede uddannelse: Ikke angivet

Kilde til jobtilbud: AMS, Offentlige arbejdsformidlinger, Danmark


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