Arbejde Material Specialist (170563) Nordjylland Siemens A/S - jobtilbud

stillingsbetegnelse: Material Specialist (170563)

Siemens Wind Power Blades are known for a unique integrity throughout the market. We are looking for motivated people in order to ensure continued success in the future. Blade Design is a department within the Siemens Wind Power Blades. The department is responsible for the design of all Blades, and work in close collaboration with aerodynamics, other R&D functions and production. We design our Blades using state of the art materials and the Siemens patented Integral Blades technology. We are currently hiring for an independent R&D project within Siemens Wind Power (SWP). The focus is new innovative developments within of automated turbine blade production. To enter this project we are looking for a chemistry or composite engineer, whose primary responsibility will be material development and characterization? What are my responsibilities? · Analysis and optimization of composite structures through advanced material selection · Mechanical material testing, DSC and TMA measurements · Material development in direct collaboration with suppliers · Validation of wind turbine blade structures through e.g. substructure test · Definition of specifications regarding incoming inspection · Certification related to industry-specific guidelines (wind turbine blades) What do I need to qualify for this job? You hold a degree in engineering or the equivalent, preferable combined with experience in or knowledge about fiber-reinforced polymer materials possibly from the wind turbine blade industry. You have 5+ years of experience in composite structures You are an innovative person thriving for influencing the blade design and production of tomorrow and you at the same time posses a good understanding of R&D processes. Because of the multi-disciplinary working environment our main focus is to find the candidate with the right attitude and drive. In case you have acquired your skills in alternative ways your application is just as well appreciated. What else do I need to know? Siemens Wind Power is a leading supplier of wind power solutions for onshore, offshore and coastal sites. Denmark is a core part of Siemens’ global wind power activities, housing global wind power R&D and engineering activities along with several supply chain management, sales and project management functions. Currently, approximately 6,000 employees out of a global staff of more than 8,500 work with wind power solutions in Denmark. We continuously strive to strengthen our position, and we are therefore looking for bright minds eager to join a dynamic, international organization offering unique opportunities for its employees. Apply online in English for the job. Please note that we will reply by email. We are looking forward to receiving your online application. Please ensure you complete all areas of the application form to the best of your ability as we will use the data to review your suitability for the role. Deadline for Applications: as soon as possible

Arbejdsgiver Navn: Siemens A/S

Arbejdsgiver telefonnummer: 99 42 22 22

land: Danmark

region: Nordjylland

Kontrakt varighed: Fast

Kontrakttype: Fuldtid

krævede uddannelse: Ikke angivet

Kilde til jobtilbud: AMS, Offentlige arbejdsformidlinger, Danmark


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For our Onshore - Customer Order Engineering (United Kingdom, North Europe and APAC) department we are looking for a SCADA Technician to join our team based in Ikast. In this role, you will be responsible for installing site specific SCADA hardware onsite
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Job ID: 152746 Location: Brande Organization: Siemens in Denmark – Siemens Wind Power Mode of employment: Full time For our Procurement department in Brande we are looking for a Team Lead for Product Costing and Risk Management. What are my responsibilities?
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Are you a dedicated Technical Writer and would you like to be part of setting new standards for the service documentation for technically complex turbines in a dynamic company? If so, you can be the new person in our Preventive Maintenance Documentation
Siemens A/S - 2016-07-15 - Midtjylland

Test Engineer (207658) -

Ingeniørarbejde i industri og produktion
For our Material Laboratory we are looking for a Test Engineer, who is enthusiastic about being part of validating the properties for our material and details of our blade design through testing. The purpose of our Blade Laboratory is to increase the
Siemens A/S - 2016-02-11 - Nordjylland